Work on the Department’s Strategy (2016-2020)

In view of the changes taking place at UJK Faculty of Law, Administration and Management, staff of the Department are engaged in planning the future development directions of our unit. In the years 2016-2020, we shall support newly emerging and proposed study programs in terms of teaching (M.A. studies in national security and international relations) and offer new post-graduate courses. All the Department’s scholars speak foreign languages, hence we will further engage in internationalization of teaching and learning (study books, student research groups), research, and in promoting our Faculty.

In terms of fostering our research process, we plan to engage in consecutive grant opportunities, publication of books in English, and the continuation of the currently-existing series of monographs and organization of all-national conferences. Various books authored by the Department’s scholars can already be found, among others, at the library of the Polish Institute of International Affairs. We intend to continue our research work within the area of Central Europe (the Visegrad Four and Polish-German projects) as well as of Northern Europe. We also plan to enrich and expand the already-existing Nordic Library by international publications on human rights, negotiations, security and international relations.