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the Nordic Library Project


The Department was established in 2010 as a center conducting social research on Northern Europe. DoNEC research aim is thus development of studies on the North European Region from a Polish point of view. Each of the research staff has his/her own specialty which complements the research direction of the Department. In the period of 2016-2020, the Department shall continue to develop its research and realize its tasks in the following areas:


  • Conduct classes in English at the UJK Faculty of Law, Administration and Management
  • Extend scholarly and teaching support to other institutes at the Faculty
  • Create and co-create new post-graduate studies at the Faculty
  • Develop international database in the field of social, legal and economic sciences at the University Library (grant from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education)

 Research activities

  • Cyclical Department conferences on the North European States
  • Participation of Department staff in national and international conferences
  • Continuing publishing a series of monographs (within the period of 2009-2015, Department’s scholars have had 15 separate volumes published, along with numerous joint-publications in Polish and English which appeared in specialist periodicals).
  • Making the Department’s scholarly achievements known internationally
  • Publication of Department scholars’ works in periodicals included in the Master Journal List
  • Annual grant submissions to the National Science Centre and other agencies in Poland and abroad
  • Co-development of the Polish Society of European Studies and Polish Political Science Association


  • Offering several courses from the field of social sciences in English
  • Participation of Department scholars in international and foreign conferences
  • Participation of Department scholars in Polish-German and the Vysegrad Four grants
  • Publication of scholarly works in foreign languages
  • Participation of scholars in the Erasmus Programme


  • Promotion of events organized by Department in the media and among local establishment
  • Creating a new Department website
  • Offering classes for high school seniors in the region

Participation and presence of Department scholars in international social networking sites: ResearchGate, Google Scholar, Academia


Research fields

International Relations
The EU Northern Dimension
The High North
The Baltic Sea Region
Security and Conflict Management
Globalization and Contemporary History

Research Staff

Post-doctoral studies in military sciences, political scientist. Full Professor at the Department of North European Countries of the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, Poland; area of research: History and International Security.
Full Professor of humanist sciences, diplomat, former ambassador of Poland in Sweden, Norway and Iceland, Chairperson of the Doctoral Committee at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Management; area of research: the Arctic and Developments in the North European Region (Norden).
Post-doctoral studies in social sciences (University of Wrocław), Associate Professor at DoNEC; area of research: International Security and Arms Trade.
Assistant Professor, PhD. in social sciences (Jagiellonian University, Kraków); area of research: Transport and Logistics and Local Communities Security.
Assistant Professor, PhD. in social sciences (UJK), philologist, served as Consul of Poland for many years in the U.S.; area of research: Public and Cultural Diplomacy, North America and the Arctic.
Assistant Professor, PhD. in political sciences (University of Warsaw); area of research: Nordic Cooperation and Security of the Baltic Sea Region.
Assistant Professor; area of research: Information Technology and Cybersecurity.
Assistant Professor, PhD. In social sciences (University of Warsaw); area of research: Issues of Security and Development, with particular emphasis on the Central European Region.
Assistant Professor, PhD. in social sciences (Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń); area of research: Political Systems.
Assistant Professor, economist, PhD. in political sciences (UJK); area of research: Innovativeness, Competitiveness and Development of North European Countries.